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Would you use a Bethany West 'Angies List'? It was suggested in the message board that it would be a good idea to create a 'Contractor Review' list providing recommendations/ratings (including avoid at all cost). Do you think this is a good idea?
Comment By: Cullen Langford
Posted on Mar 12, 2012

I would suggest that the blog headers include a statement that the remarks represent personal views and the Association neither supports nor denies the statements. The reasons are obvious.

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Comment By: Cullen Langford
Posted on Mar 14, 2012

This topic was discussed shortly after the original web page was started. I offer these comments. First, I believe that Bethany West is too small to support a useful list, a regional, Coastal Delaware might be more appropriate. Second, it will be difficult to separate the Association from the List and this could cause problems. Third, the List must be moderated to avoid attacks and false reports.

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Comment By: Kenny Thetford
Posted on Mar 18, 2012

MY HOA in Virginia has this on our website. It is caveated that it is the consumers opinion and seems to work pretty well. Generally, all of the entries are positive since most people who have a negative opinion won't post.

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